Jisan Forest Resort

Ski slopes at Jisan Forest Resort

Jisan Forest Resort is located just outside Seoul to the southeast of the city in neighbouring Gyeonggi-do province, one of three ski hills clustered in the area along with nearby Yangji Pine and Konjiam. The distance from Jisan to Yangji is only a few miles as the crow flies, though it’s significantly further by road and if using public transport the two are accessed from different directions (see below).

As with all the hills in the immediate vicinity of Seoul, Jisan Forest Resort features a small ski area with impressive base facilities and a large hotel/condo development, plus the attached golf course which is so common in Korea. Jisan Forest is also the site of Korea’s most famous rock music festival, Valley Rock.

Jisan Forest Resort: the hill

Mountain stats
Highest lifted point: 304m
Lowest skiable point: 100m
Vertical drop: 204m
Lifts: 5
Runs: 8
Longest run: 1.2km (the imaginatively named ‘run 7’)
Terrain park: yes (medium)

Homepage (Korean), English page (with piste map)

The terrain at Jisan Forest Resort is, to be frank, very uninspiring; the ski slopes are essentially just swathes of hillside from which the trees have been cleared, resulting in mostly wide open pistes which are great for beginners but not offering anything interesting to advanced riders. A total of 5 chairlifts give access to two top stations, with a few choices of descent from each, effectively giving you a handful of (very short) options; needless to say, if you can already ride you’ll exhaust these in an hour or so and will really need to be into riding park for Jisan to be worthwhile. Jisan Forest Resort does cater for this quite well, and it has the best terrain park found anywhere in Korea outside the larger Gangwon-do resorts:

Jisan Forest Resort's terrain park

For those learning or pushing on to intermediate, the terrain at Jisan is actually ideal, with gentle gradients and wide open slopes lower down, and some steeper sections to progress to at the top. For advanced riders, the terrain park is located on the lower part of the main piste; it’s a decent effort for such a small hill, with a row of medium to large kickers and various jib features usually set up, though unfortunately it doesn’t have its own chair so you have to lap the whole run each time (not that that takes very long).

Jisan Forest Resort

Jisan Forest Resort is good for:

Riding park (best in the Seoul area)

20% discount for foreigners (remember to bring your passport to show at the ticket counter), and I’m told there’s a 50% discount for US forces.

Learning and progressing to intermediate.

Jisan Forest Resort is not so good for:

Access. Despite the close proximity to Seoul, public transport takes a long time and involves quite a long walk; the resort does run free shuttles, but they can be hard to arrange for foreign visitors and the schedules aren’t ideal (see below)

It’s small even by Korean standards i.e. tiny by international standards.

Jisan Forest Resort: Ticketing

Amazingly, Jisan Forest Resort is open until 4am every day, from 7am on weekends & holidays and 9am on other days. The ticketing is split into dawn (7:00-11:30), AM (9:00-13:30), PM (12:30-17:00), Night Time (18:30-23:00), and Late Night (20:30-4:00) slots, and combinations of the above; as is standard in Korea, they have a grooming & maintenance break from 17:00 to 18:30.

The cheapest ticket is ‘dawn’ only at 49,000 won, up to 69,000 won for ‘full day’ (9:00-17:00); half-day tickets are 56,000 or 65,000 won depending on the specific time slot or combination of time slots. Here’s the 2016/17 rates:

Lift ticket window at Jisan Forest Resort

For full latest details, see here

Jisan Forest: accommodation

Most visitors will probably want to stay in Seoul and take the bus to Jisan Forest (see below for access details), search Trivago to compare hotel prices in Seoul

Airbnb is also a great choice for Seoul – hosts usually have it set up so you can arrive & check in by yourself without having to wait around or meet anyone, and the housing standards are decent with underfloor heating and excellent internet connections as standard.

If you do want to stay at Jisan Forest Resort itself, accommodation is available in their condos at the base of the slopes; see here for details (Korean only).

How to get to Jisan Forest Resort

The easiest way to get there is actually with a day tour like this, but that’s not cost-effective if you already have your gear etc and just need transportation only; however, for beginners who are looking for a package with transportation, rental, and a lesson, it’s probably the best way to go.

The resort offers free shuttle buses from points all over the city, including all major hubs like Gangnam, Jamsil, Sadang, Myeongdong, Itaewon, and Hongdae, taking just 45 minutes or so to/from Jamsil and 90 minutes or so for Hongdae. These are absolutely perfect for getting home, as you can just rock up in the car park and jump on whichever bus suits you (there’s a shuttle bus office there with English-speaking staff on hand if you can’t read the Korean signs and need to check which bus); the PM skiing time ends at 17:00 and the buses go at 17:30.

Shuttle buses at Jisan Forest Resort

Unfortunately, for casual visitors from overseas these shuttles aren’t so easy to use to get to Jisan; you have to reserve a spot at least the day before, and to do that online you need a Korean ID number (for what reason I can’t fathom). As explained on their website:

“We also offer a free shuttle bus service which can be reserved after registering on our website. So far, only Korean citizens can register on our website, so if you’d like to make a reservation through the internet please ask a Korean friend or acquaintance for assistance.”

Which is pretty weak. They also suggest calling them to make a reservation, phone number 031-644-1552~3 as per here; however, I’ve never tried that either as another issue with the shuttles is that they go out to Jisan at 7 or 8am, arriving around 9, and return at 6pm, which gives you a full 9 hours at the hill. That’s a really long time to be at such a small hill, and unless you actually want to make a full day of it like that it’s best to head out to Jisan by public transport, then return by shuttle in the evening.

To get there by train or public bus, you first need to head to Icheon, 이천 (don’t confuse this with Incheon, 인천, where the main airport is located); you can either take the bus from Dong Seoul Terminal (East Seoul Terminal) next to Gangbyeon Station on Line 2, or go the whole way by Metro to Icheon Station on the Gyeonggang Line. Then from Icheon Bus Terminal or Icheon Station, take local bus number 12 (this bus originates from the bus terminal and Icheon Station is the next stop) and get off at the Jisan Resort (지산리조트) stop – it’s the penultimate stop, taking about 35 minutes. If you have a T-Money card, you can also use it on the bus.

The bus stop is opposite this row of shops:

Bus stop location for Jisan Forest Resort

From the stop it’s still about a 20-minute walk up to the hill; after getting off the bus, don’t follow the main road over the bridge, but walk up the road alongside the stream. Jisan Forest Resort is marked on the road signs:

The way to Jisan Forest Resort

A short distance up you’ll see the big white Jisan Forest Resort sign:

The way to Jisan Forest Resort

Keep going up past all the ski rental shops, and you’ll see the pistes on the hillside up ahead:

The way to Jisan Forest Resort

If you take the bus from Dong Seoul Terminal the total time is about 2h 15m from Dong Seoul to Jisan Forest Resort. If you take the Metro, of course it depends where you start from; taking Gangnam Station as an example starting point, the total time to Jisan Forest Resort is around 2h 30m

Clearly, this is much slower than the shuttles, and also costs a few thousand won instead of being free, so if you’re happy to be at the resort all day and can manage to make a reservation, the shuttles are better.

(If it all sounds like too much hassle, Konjiam is the most convenient hill to Seoul)

The base facilities at Jisan Forest Resort are excellent, as is typical in Korea:

Jisan Forest Resort cafeteria

Jisan Forest Resort cafeteria

Any questions about Jisan Forest Resort? Leave a comment below!

For more Seoul area ski resorts, see here; for full reviews of every Korean ski resort, see here

Also check out the best Korean ski resorts according to various criteria, and this size comparison of Korea’s ski resorts using satellite imagery

59 comments on “Jisan Forest Resort
  1. yoyo says:


    instead of paying for the lift price, do i need to pay if i just want to use the sunkid (travellator)?


    • snorton says:

      Hi yoyo, yes you’d still need to pay for a lift ticket. If you’ve never tried skiing before, the best thing would be to take a lesson – otherwise you’ll be spending money to rent equipment you don’t know how to use! If you don’t want to do all that, you could perhaps go tobogganing instead

    • Marissa Altamirano says:

      Is Jisan far from Myeondong. We scheduled the trip to Jisan the day before our flight but the flight check-in is at 11:00 pm same day as the ski trip.

      • Simon Norton says:

        Hi Marissa, you’ll get back to Myeongdong around 7pm, leaving you 4 hours to get changed & head to the airport. Should be fine

        • Marissa says:

          Thank you so much.
          Since we are first timers especially seeing and enjoying snow do you think 7-3 pm would be fine. And how much is a ski instructor?

          • Simon Norton says:

            Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean by 7-3pm? If you’ve booked a day tour, you’ll be departing Jisan after 4pm and arriving back to Myeongdong after 6pm.

            For lessons, I don’t know this season’s exact prices but you can expect to pay around 90 dollars to join a 2-hour group lesson; if you want a private instructor then maybe 220 dollars for 2 hours. Again though, if you’ve booked a tour it should include a lesson, or have an option to do so.

            If you haven’t actually booked a tour, you should consider it – it generally works out cheaper, and they take care of arranging everything. See here

  2. yoyo says:

    thanks for the response. i know that the 2017/18 schedule is not out yet but would you be able to share what are the shuttle bus timing out of jisan and where does it stop?

    also, what is the rate for tobogganning based on last year rate?


    • snorton says:

      Hi again Yoyo, the tobogganing rate at Korean resorts is usually around 20000 – 25000 (for half a day).

      The shuttle buses leave Jisan at 17:30, and they stop in many places… do you know where you’ll be staying? If you can tell me which area your hotel’s in, I can advise you about which shuttle bus to take. Cheers!

  3. see says:

    Hi May I know is the 2017/18 schedule already come out ? Besides
    this Jisan resort, any others ski resort already open during 19-25/11/2017?

  4. Cyn Rosales says:

    Hi! I saw in Jisan website it is already open. However, I dont know how to reserve since there is no link. I sent an email to the email address at the bottom of the page but I am not receiving any reply. I will be staying at Hongdae and I read in your blog that they have a free shuttle bus from there. Any other way to find out how to reserve? Thank you somuch!

    • Simon Norton says:

      Hi Cyn, yes Jisan is open now. There’s no need to make a reservation for lift tickets, you can just buy your lift pass at the ticket window when you arrive.

      They don’t respond to my emails either… or even on their own Facebook page! Very frustrating.

      There is indeed a shuttle bus to/from Hongdae, but to take it to Jisan in the morning you do need to make a bus reservation. This will basically be impossible for you to do by yourself – you’ll need to get help from a Korean friend or acquaintance. Alternatively, make your way there by public transport as described above.

      When you return in the evening, the shuttle buses all wait in the main parking lot and you can just turn up and get on. There’ll be around 20 buses waiting so just ask the drivers which one is for Hongdae. Hope this helps and let me know if you have any more questions!

  5. Ben and Ping says:

    Hi there,
    thanks for the good work of sharing knowledge, jisan website would be well advised to just link to this page. It’s seriously a headache to understand how to get around.
    Will visit Korea from Feb 1st to 4th, arriving at Incheon airport. (thanks for the reminder about difference between Incheon and Icheon, it indeed got me lost). Understood we then take airport bus to Icheon Bus terminal. Understood also that bus 12 can bring us to Jisan skiing place. Now to increase our skiing time potential, we plan on finding an accommodation in Icheon but find nothing on expedia/agoda. Do you know how to find something? or would you advise that it is a bad idea to stay in Icheon?
    Ultimately, is there any place nearby that could ensure both cheap accomodation and quick transportation to Jisan?
    Ben and Ping

    • Simon Norton says:

      Hi Ben & Ping, firstly thanks for the kind comment, you’re very welcome!

      As for booking near Jisan, try here. Be careful with the listings in Yongin though – although they’re only a few km from Jisan, they’re on the wrong side of the mountain and it’s a long way around by road. Better to book one of the ones listed in Icheon e.g. Eden Paradise.

      I have to say, Icheon isn’t a particularly attractive or exciting town to stay in. If your main priority is skiing at Jisan then it’s convenient, but don’t expect too much of the town itself. It does have plenty of restaurants & shops, though.

      Hope this helps – let me know if you manage to make a booking or not, and if you have any more questions feel free to ask!

  6. Cysiii says:

    Hi! Do you have any idea how to get to Everland fr Jisan? I read that its near ffom the resort. Thank you.

    • Simon Norton says:

      Hi, it’s possible by bus & Seoul Metro, but very slow. You could take the bus from Jisan to Icheon Station (as described above), then ride Gyeonggang Line > Bundang Line > Everline (changing at Imae and Giheung). This would take a good 2.5 hours.

      There may be a more direct way just by bus, but I’m not sure. Looking at the map I’d guess a taxi would take around 30 minutes and cost somewhere in the region of 30000 won.

  7. Zohar says:

    Hi, thanks for all the very useful information. Even with the help of my Korean friend I have not been able to reserve a shuttle. I’m going to try having her call the number.

    Do the shuttles drop off at the same points they pick up from? I live near Ori station.

    • Simon Norton says:

      Hi Zohar, sorry for the slow response, I was travelling back to Korea.

      Yeah, I know how frustrating the Jisan shuttle buses are to book! Definitely get your friend to call them for you, it’s the only way you’ll be able to do it. And yes, the shuttle buses drop off at the same points they pick up from.

  8. Kim says:

    Hello Simon
    Would Jisan be a good place to take my kid sledding?
    Can we rent snow attire there if it is just for playing with snow and is admission required.
    Lastly, are the snow there natural or mainly artificial .
    We would be in Seoul from 14 to 22 dec. when would be a good time to be there .
    Thank you

    • Simon Norton says:

      Hi Kim, sorry for the slow reply, I was travelling back to Korea this week.

      Sure, Jisan’s a good place for sledding, and yes you can rent attire there. There’s no separate admission charge – you just need to buy sledding tickets.

      The snow at Jisan is mostly man-made, but they do get some natural snow too. Don’t worry about that though, the man-made snow still looks & feels like real snow!

      If you have 8 days in Seoul, I’d just recommend going to Jisan on a weekday to avoid the weekend crowds. Apart from that, any date is fine.

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any more questions!

      • Hi Simon

        Thank you for your advise . Which resort would you recommend for natural snow.

        • Simon Norton says:

          Hello again, actually every Korean resort uses man-made snow, in addition to the snow that falls naturally. So, wherever you go, the snow will be a mix of both. The resorts with the best amount of natural snow are High1 and Yongpyong… but they’re quite far, and really it isn’t necessary to go so far for sledding. The snow at Jisan will be fine!

      • Hi Simon

        Thank you for your advise . Is the sledding hill at jisan open already
        I read somewhere that they are not opening the sledding hill until Christmas.

        • Simon Norton says:

          I’m not sure actually, sorry… I haven’t been there yet this season, and their website doesn’t say when the sledding opens. And they never usually reply to messages… where did you read that? I think if you want to be sure, it would probably be best to call them and ask directly

  9. Kim says:

    Hello Simon
    Thank you for sharing. Find this website very useful.
    We will be in Seoul from 14/12 to 22/12. During this period will the snow at Jisan be real or artificial?
    Our intention is for my little boy to play with snow and do some sledding …
    Thank you

  10. Amber says:

    Hi Simon,

    Thanks for this wonderful website on the snow guide. I’ve some questions and hope you can help me on this.

    I’m planning to bring my kids just to play the snow, take some pics and spend the time at the snow area for half day. Apart from Jisan can you recommend any snow resort that is easy to travel from Seoul for half day trip (depart in the morning and return maybe after lunch) with convenient public transport or free shuttle and doesn’t need to pay entrance or lift fee.

    Thanks for your suggestions.


    • Simon Norton says:

      Hi Amber,

      Thanks for the nice comment, it’s good to hear the website’s useful!

      In terms of travel, by far the easiest resort near Seoul is Konjiam. They have free shuttles which don’t require reservation – I recommend taking the shuttle from Sadang Station, as it’s easy to find and only takes about 40-45 minutes. However, at Konjiam the snow is separated from the base area by the ticket barriers, so if you want to actually play on the snow you’d need to at least buy sledding tickets.

      If you don’t want to do that, then Jisan is fine, but it’s just a little tricky to get there. You may want to consider Vivaldi Park instead – the shuttle takes 90 minutes, but it’s free and easy to arrange and leaves from near Myeongdong which is very convenient, and once you arrive you can walk & play on the snow without paying any ticket fees. Also, Jisan & Vivaldi both have the usual cafes & restaurants in the ski house, but Vivaldi also has a big underground shopping centre so there’s more to do if you start feeling too cold outside!

      Hope this helps, and let me know if you have any more questions!

  11. Leon says:

    Dear Simon,

    My girlfriend and I made a “last-minute” decisiin to go snowboarding at Jisan tomorrow. Which means its too late to book the shuttle bus now (I’ve tried calling them a few minutes ago).

    Do you think I’ll have any luck trying for the shuttle bus tomorrow at Hongdae? Or should I just wake up earluer ti make the trip to Icheon and bus there? (What time does Icheon bus start its service?)

    • Simon Norton says:

      Hi Leon, if you go to the Hongdae pickup spot, and there’s a bus there, and it has space, they’ll probably take you. But in the (unlikely) event no-one’s reserved the bus, there won’t be a bus; and in the event it’s fully-booked they won’t be able to take you. In short, there’s a decent chance it would work, but there’s no guarantee. If you don’t fancy the risk, just head there via Icheon. I’m not sure what time the number 12 bus starts, but I’d expect it to be running by the time you reach Icheon.

      Hope you guys have an awesome day!

  12. Soraya says:

    Dear Simon,

    I am planning to go to Vivaldi Park on Feb 2018 with my parents.From what I understand, it will take around 2.30hrs from Hongik Univ. station by free shuttle bus. Please do let me know if there is a toilet in the bus or will the bus stop for the passengers to go to toilet. It’s quite a long journey for my parents without toilet(I couldn’t find any info. about that from website).

    Thanks and Regards,


    • Simon Norton says:

      Hello Soraya,

      No, I’m afraid there are no toilets on these shuttle buses, and they don’t stop. However, if you take the free foreigner shuttle from near Myeongdong (it goes from Euljiro 1-ga Station) it only takes 90 minutes, so hopefully that would be ok for them? The details are on this page

  13. cha says:

    hi. i just want to ask if the ski resort is open all-year round? im planning a trip to korea in june (seatsale) and i was hoping to see snow and experience it for the first time hehe. im hoping it’s open in june this 2018

    • Simon Norton says:

      Hi Cha,

      The resorts are open in June for golf and leisure visits, but sorry there’s absolutely no chance of seeing snow in June – the weather will be hot & humid.

  14. Zohar says:

    Do the return shuttles still run?

  15. Deegee says:

    Hi! Is last week of December a good and sure time to go sledding? Thank you!

  16. KC Wong says:

    When does it start to have snow in December. I plan to have a holiday there for 3 days from the 27 to 29 December. Is it always snowing by then ?

    • Simon Norton says:

      Hi, they start making snow from November onwards, plus whatever falls naturally, so yes there’ll definitely be snow in late December

  17. Mrs Kok says:

    Hi, any idea is jisan or vivaldi ski resort is open on 1st week of dec 2018?

    want to go for snow sled and skiing…

    • Simon Norton says:

      Hi, yes they’re usually open by then. Generally, Jisan will open by the last weekend in November, and Vivaldi a week earlier.

  18. Ms. Leng says:


    We are planning to visit Jisan in November and probably just do sledding. Do we have to still pay for the lift rental?



  19. Belinda says:


    I am Belinda from Hong Kong. My husband and I would like to try snowboarding during our trip to Korea in November 2018, please kindly advise the below.

    When will the ski track start operating in 2018?
    What are the cost of snowboard equipment and outfit rental for each adult?
    Do you have a beginner’s course available? We both have tried wakeboarding before but not snowboarding.
    How to access to your ski track from Myeong-dong Station? How long will it take to travel there?
    Do you have car parks? How much will it cost?

    I am looking forward to your reply soon. Thanks

    • Simon Norton says:

      Hi Belinda,

      Thanks for reading. Please understand, this is a privately run blog, I don’t work for any of the ski resorts so I can’t handle customer service enquiries for them! But I will give you the best advice I can.

      If you’re staying in Myeongdong, the easiest resort to visit would be Vivaldi Park as they have a free tourist shuttle bus from near Myeongdong. The bus takes 2 hours. Vivaldi usually opens in late November, but the opening dates for this year haven’t been announced yet.

      If you want to go in mid-November, the only resorts that might be open then are Yongpyong and High1.

      All the resorts have beginner slopes, and if you’ve never done it before I’d highly advise taking a lesson. Rental is usually around 20 to 30 dollars.

  20. Tin Pastor says:

    Hi there! Will there be snowfall sometime December this year?

  21. san says:

    Hi…please advise if it is convenient to drive from Incheon airport to Jisan. Is the parking readily available and how much does it cost to park for 2 days…


    • Simon Norton says:

      Hi, yes you can drive it in about 90 minutes. There’s plenty of parking space, but I’m not sure about parking fees or rules for overnight parking – please ask the resort about that directly (presumably you’re staying overnight at the condo? They should be able to advise you about the parking situation)

  22. Sharon Cheong says:

    Hi there, may I check if you know 2019 shuttle bus schedule for Jisan is out? I’ll be going there in Jan 2019 and wonder if you know where I can find? Thanks.

    • Simon Norton says:

      Hi Sharon,

      Sorry this is a bit tricky, but go to this page and on the calendar on the left select one of the white days (the grey ones are too far ahead, as you can only book a week in advance). This will bring the schedule up, but it’s all in Korean! If your browser can auto-translate it then that should work for you, otherwise you’ll have to find your boarding point in Korean. Or actually if you reply to me and tell me where you’re staying I can check it for you

      • Sharon says:

        Thanks much! I’ll be going on 1 Jan, thinking to go 9am – 130pm. I am staying in Myeongdong, Nine Tree Premiere 2.

        Also, need your advise.. I’m new hence is it advisable to get a basic lesson? Do you know how much will that cost and how do I book?

        • Simon Norton says:

          Ok, if you’re staying in Myeongdong it’s probably easiest to take the shuttle from Sadang at 8:10 (Sadang’s 20 minutes from Myeongdong direct on Line 4, so you’re looking at taking a 7:30 train).

          Forgot to check with you though – will you be able to get a Korean person to call Jisan for you to make the bus reservation? They require advance reservation, and you need a Korean national ID to do it.

          If that’s not possible, it might be better to book this package, if you book the ‘ski package’ it also includes equipment & wear rental and a basic lesson.

          I used to be an instructor, and yes I do always recommend taking a lesson if it’s your first time – otherwise you’re renting equipment you don’t know how to use so you’re wasting your money, plus you’re more likely to hurt yourself. If you go by yourself on the shuttle and book a lesson there, it’s around 80 or 90 dollars for a 2-hour lesson, plus rentals (the packages work out cheaper).

          Note that if you want to leave at 1:30pm there’s no shuttle – you have to walk down to the bus stop and take the bus to Ichon then the subway from there, as described above.

          If you want to be flexible about your departure time, I’d suggest Elysian instead as you can go there & back by subway whenever you like.

  23. C.K.Ng says:

    Hi Simon,

    Nice to know that you are enjoying your ski hobby and sharing your experiences and knowledge to other traveller.

    I will be travelling to Seoul in mid-Dec with my family (kids 11 & 13) for the first time.

    Can you advise if for kids to play snow and sledding, do we still need to pay any admission fee to the ski resort?

    I read those posting including the different rates from you which only indicates Lift & Rental.

    Thanks and regards,


    • Simon Norton says:

      Hi CK,

      There isn’t any resort admission charge, so you just need to pay the fee (plus any rentals you need) for whichever activities you want to do.

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