Gyeonggi-do (Seoul Area)

Bears Town Ski Resort

To be frank, the natural conditions in Gyeonggi-do aren’t really ideal for skiing – the mountains are small, and the annual snowfall very light. However, the frigid winter temperatures make the construction of small ski hills possible with snowmaking, and the large local population is enough to support a handful of resorts. Update: perhaps not! Three local Seoul hills have already shut down during or since the pandemic.

Map showing the borders of South Korea's Gyeonggi-do province

Gyeonggi-do is wrapped around the Seoul-Incheon conurbation like some sort of donut with a bite (Incheon) taken out of it, consisting mostly of low mountain ranges and containing a large number of satellite cities which make it Korea’s most populous province – the Greater Seoul area is usually considered to be composed of Seoul, Incheon, and Gyeonggi-do, which combined are home to half of South Korea’s population. It’s this huge concentration of people that means there’s some demand for local skiing, even if it is mediocre.

The Seoul area hills are universally small, lacking in challenging terrain, and reliant on artificial snow, with mediocre freestyle offerings (Jisan Forest is the best Seoul local for freestyle, they make a decent effort with their terrain park).

Konjiam Resort

But while they may be lacking in the terrain and snow departments, fact is they’re right on the edge of the city meaning you can easily head up for a quick half-day and be home in time for tea, or go for an evening’s skiing under the lights after a day at work. They also have outstanding base area facilities, and make the most of what they’ve got.

Following the recent closures, there are now just 2 ski resorts still operating in Gyeonggi-do. Additionally, although not technically in Gyeonggi-do (it’s just across the boundary in Gangwon-do), Elysian Gangchon is also included on this list due to it being directly accessible on the Seoul Metro, so here are the 3 local hills for the Seoul area:

Map showing locations of the ski resorts in South Korea's Gyeonggi-do province

Map of Seoul's local ski hills

1. Bears Town (closed)

2. Star Hill (closed)

3. Konjiam

4. Yangji Pine (closed)

5. Jisan Forest

6. Elysian Gangchon


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